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"Just a quick note to thank you for the Master Class session ... "

"Many thanks for the most enjoyable tasting the other night Excellent demonstration ... "

"I thoroughly enjoyed Simon's approach to explaining wine structure It was clear ... "

"Our family did a private course with the two very knowledgeable and ... "

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David Cox, Director Europe, New Zealand Winegrowers, 24 May, 2010

Just a quick note to thank you for the Master Class session that you undertook for us on Wednesday at the LIWF. I was very pleased with the outcome and we got some very favourable comments from attendees and I believe it really helped ‘spread the word’ about the versatility of our NZ wines. As usual, you were in fine form and your humour, combined with your knowledge and passion, really helped make the session an interesting one.

Stephen Wickens, 12 May, 2010

Many thanks for the most enjoyable tasting the other night. Excellent demonstration of the different varietals involved. I was most impressed.

Dilip Ayyar, 12 May, 2010

I thoroughly enjoyed Simon's approach to explaining wine structure. It was clear, refreshing, lively and most importantly fun - very much like the wonderful champagne we tasted that evening.

Joanne Ma, 20 March, 2010

Our family did a private course with the two very knowledgeable and renowned experts on wine. Even though it was just a few hours, we learned a lot of useful to do's and not do do's and most importantly it was FUN!!!!

Jonathan Fewtrell, 13 March, 2010

Simon impresses by using plain language, avoiding waffle and demonstrating some simple and surprisingly effective techniques for comparing one wine with another that even a novice like me can take away and use in real life. Like distinguishing a Cabernet from a Shiraz by the timing of whether you taste the fruit first or the tannin. Or taking a gulp of one NZ Sauvignon Blanc followed within a couple of seconds by a gulp of another apparently similar one...the differences become startlingly obvious.

Ed Piolet, 13 March, 2010

IWC offered us the opportunity to celebrate a birthday in style and with fun. Simon and Tersina made this session thoroughly enjoyable through their knowledge of wines and their associated cultures, their understanding of our expectations and their sense of humour, never lecturing us but always surprising us.After a sparkling kickoff where they quickly destroyed the numerous myths that were obscuring our judgement we moved on to a round-the-world interactive discovery of some truly suprising wines while at the same time answering some very concrete questions around how wine best fits in our day-to-day meals and important celebrations.It was truly instructive, deeply interesting and definitely exciting to spend the afternoon there learning and sharing more about this complex and fascinating beverage.

Marcio Ferreira, ViniPortugal, 12 October, 2009

Simon and the IWC team has been to Portugal many times both for personal and professional reasons. They understand and has absorbed our culture, not just wine but our way of life. They have been great Portuguese ambassadors in Great China.

Chris Yorke, Marketing Director, New Zealand WineGrowers, 24 October, 2008

New Zealand wines have enjoyed enviable success across Greater China, we consider the consultancy services, cultural insights and local knowledge provided by Simon and his IWC team crucial in our marketing strategy mix and ongoing success.











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